Margaux (Margo) the Label.

Our story began when founder and owner, Margaux Lauren, realized that there was a lack of US-based retailers that offered trendy apparel at affordable prices. We want to make all babes feel bold, confident, and express their true power through the art of dress without breaking the bank. Who said high fashion has to come at a high cost?

Based out of Miami, Florida, we are exposed to emerging fashion trends that can fit whatever mood you are in for the day. Your wardrobe should be as diverse as you are, and allow you to dip your toes in the trend you've always wanted to try (without going broke in the process of it). Each style we feature on our site is hand-selected, so we can ensure you are receiving clothing that we are proud of.

So go-ahead, buy that dress and don't stress it. Because it was totally affordable, and you will be fabulous in it.

XO, Margaux the Label